Introducing Mesosphere for Google Compute Platform

Quickly and easily start applications on a Mesosphere cluster that offers fault tolerance and scalability with minimal configuration.

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Combine Your Servers Into One Big Computer

Mesosphere combines your datacenter servers and cloud instances into one shared pool from which any app or framework can draw.

Datacenter or Cloud

Gone are the days where writing and deploying new applications means managing individual machines and static partitions.

With Mesosphere

Pool your datacenter and cloud resources, so all your apps run together on the same machines—reducing complexity and waste.

Software to Transform your Datacenter

Mesosphere is software that runs on each server in your physical or cloud-based datacenter, on top of any Linux distribution.

Eliminate Lock-in

Built on top of open source technology, Mesosphere lets you run in any cloud or datacenter, maintaining your flexibility.

Scale infinitely

Grow to tens of thousands of nodes effortlessly while dynamically allocating resources with ease.

Never Fail

Mesosphere keeps your apps running by rebalancing resources and restarting failed tasks automatically.

Optimize Resources

Mesosphere packs each server with multiple apps, increasing resource utilization.

Develop Quickly

Developers can build and deploy faster with Mesosphere because they can think about code, not servers.

Operate Automatically

Mesosphere brings high-degrees of automation to managing your cluster. Save time and money with more efficient operations.

How does Mesosphere work?

Mesosphere offers a layer of software that organizes your machines, VMs, and cloud instances and lets applications draw from a single pool of intelligently- and dynamically-allocated resources, increasing efficiency and reducing operational complexity.

It is highly-available and fault-tolerant and runs in production at some of the most agile companies in the world in both private data centers and on public clouds.

The core of Mesosphere is based on Apache Mesos, an open source technology invented at UC Berkeley's AMPLab and run at large scale at Twitter.


Easily deploy and manage Linux applications and frameworks, including Ruby on Rails, Tomcat, Lucene, Spark, MPI, and Hadoop.

Mesosphere Layer

Mesosphere provides products and tools for managing your cluster and deploying apps, and an API for building and orchestrating distributed systems.


Apache Mesos, open source software that provides abstractions similar to an OS kernel, makes the datacenter behave like one pool of resources.

What Can Mesosphere Do For You?

Gain competitive advantage by moving faster, leveraging fault tolerance, and running more efficiently.

Developer Velocity

From commit to production, engineering teams focus on applications rather than servers. With access to a pool of resources, run anything from experiments to high-scale production apps without slowing down.

Operational Excellence

Leave behind the days of manual configurations and sleep-depriving pager duty. Give ops teams the tools they need to automate and simplify their clusters. Mesosphere clusters have no single point of failure and run with little downtime.

Business Leadership

Lower costs. Move faster. Use your datacenter and cloud to deliver business value. Mesosphere lets you run existing apps more efficiently and build new apps faster, creating competitive advantage while also saving money.

From Bare Metal to Amazon, We Have You Covered

Whether you are hand-tuning your own hardware, virtualizing with VMware, building a private cloud with OpenStack, or leveraging a public cloud like Amazon Web Services, Mesosphere will deliver better resource utilization, elastic scaling, and fault tolerance out of the box.

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Mesosphere brings Google-scale compute to everybody.

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We believe that scale is broken in datacenters, and even in the cloud. We are fixing that.

Nestled in the SoMa district of San Francisco, a young enterprise software tribe stares down orthodox datacenter models. Born from the brightest minds, Mesosphere challenges the datacenter experience to be efficient and delightful.

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