Build massively scalable apps and data services

Quickly build a highly-available and scalable Apache Mesos cluster on Amazon Web Services or on your existing hardware. Mesos simplifies operations and allows developers to build and run scalable and fault-tolerant applications.

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Deploy and manage any existing Linux application such as Ruby on Rails, Tomcat and Lucene on Mesos or ETL frameworks such as Chronos, Spark and Hadoop.


Mesos provides a rich API for building distributed systems and makes the datacenter or your cloud instances look like one big pool of resources.


By abstracting away the notion of individual machines, Mesos helps mitigate vendor lock-in and allows easy moving between clouds and data centers.

Run your favorite apps at scale on Mesos

Ruby on Rails is a web-development framework that scales perfectly on Mesos.

Run Rails on Mesos

Simplify your Hadoop ETL and increase efficiency, with Chronos and Mesos.

Run Hadoop on Mesos

Play is a high velocity web framework for Java and Scala that runs on Mesos.

Run Play on Mesos

Chronos is a distributed and fault-tolerant job scheduler that runs on Mesos.

Run Chronos on Mesos

Storm reliably processes unbounded streams of data and runs on Mesos.

Run Storm on Mesos

Spark can turbo-boost data analytics on a scaleable platform, with Mesos.

Run Spark on Mesos

The highly-available Mesosphere stack automatically handles service scaling, service discovery, load balancing, and recovery in case of failures.

Elastically scale services across all available resources as load patterns change
Improve utilization by 2-3X and stop paying for unused cloud resources
Self-healing datacenter infrastructure and effortless fault tolerance

The Mesosphere stack provides a shared foundation for big data analytics. Sharing resources improves utilization and accelerates high-priority jobs. Mesos makes it much easier to install and develop new fault-tolerant, data-driven applications.

Speed up data jobs by utilizing unused resources
Increase automation and reliability of your ETL with Chronos
Low latency resource allocation for real-time and streaming analytics